Room 3 Year 4/5 2010

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Week10 Term4

Hi everyone.

Today we did some sport and one girl name Maggie swallowed a fly so she had to have a drink and Maggie said it's flying around my tummy and it was flying around and floo in Maggie's mouth.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Week Seven Term 4

Good afternoon to every one out there to day we had reading lab and we had Mrs watling for an hour and a half  we had spelling mastery as wel with Mrs watling and we had mental maths and  we have music near the end of the day we done this thing you persuading people to by stuff we went up to the library and type about chrismas for ten minutes and our teacher gave us some pop corn it was   YUM .                                                                              
And one of our class mates hes name is seth he gave us cards with candy cans in the cards

See you next time


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Week Six Term 4 2010

Hello everyone !!!!!!!!

Today we have had a very exciting game of sport with Mrs Watling. We played a game of Cricet and a game of kickball .
Kick ball is a game where you have a wicket ,a socker ball, and cones to run around.The baller rolles the socker ball to the kicker and the kicker kicks the ball and runs around the cones while the filders try to catsh the ball. WE HAD FUN TODAY.

Tuesday Week Six Term 4 2010

Yesterday Mrs Jacobs was away at a teacher's course. Mrs Cavallaro took the class while Mrs Jacobs was absent.

Some of the activities we did yesterday were:
- The game of squirt.
- We did Mental Maths.
- We played Octopus for fitness.
- We went to Spelling Mastery.
- We had Indonesian where we played a few games and we had to label a human body with Indonesian words.

We will post again at the end of today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Week Five Term 4 2010

hi everone,

today 10-11-10 we played sport and we played continous cricket austins team won it was realy fun we wonted to keep on playing but we had to go to class

once we came back we had mental maths then we had lunch everone was happy

tata :)

Tuesday Week Five Term 4 2010

Hi everyone who is reading our blog.

Today we had a teacher named Mrs Watling.
We did lots of fun stuff like internet content,shared reading and lots more stuff.

Thank you for reading our big blog ever.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday Week Five Term 4

hi everyone
yesterday we had mrs watling and we played tee-ball with room 4.And we lost

by room3 (Brayden)